Wednesday, August 30, 2006

On Lunch

So I finally realized that I was spending too much on my daily Subway lunches. My meal was $7.53 every day, which included a double-meat turkey wrap, apples, and a diet coke.  That works out to $37.65 per week and $150 per month.  Needless to say, thats a lot of dough (but not really since I get the wrap- haha okay not funny).

This week I realized that I could probably make the same lunch by myself for much less. I went to the grocery store and bought turkey, tortilla wraps, a bag of pre-shredded lettuce (yes!), some condiments including jared tomatoes, olives, and peppercionis.  It turns out that I bought two weeks of supplies for $20. (Not including soda, which is cost negligible anyway.)  The way I look at it, thats a savings of over a hundred bucks a month.  I can think of a lot of better things to do with that money - like go out to a decent restaurant once a week.

I'm sure we all have some inefficient or cost-ineffective things we do on a daily basis that can be easily changed for the better.

(Oh yeah, this post is an excuse to test Windows Live Writer Beta. If the formatting looks horsed, you know who to blame.)

Friday, August 25, 2006

No more audit!

I can finally return to my life of not worrying about getting seriously audited. Lesson learned: make sure you always file a 1040 Schedule D when you sell shares of a stock whether you earn income or not. Otherwise the IRS will assume that you paid -0- for your shares and sold them for X, making X profit and wanting to tax X amount of capital gains. Oh how I love income tax. What ever happened to Forbes' Flat Tax?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

MTA Bus 1: Super Bowl...

...or, the things you see at 1:30 AM after leaving the gym. The bus clearly had "1 SUPER BOWL" on its electronic signage on the front and sides.

I've also seen someone switch all the starting 3's for gas prices at the Costa Verde station to 9's. (A glimpse of the future!)

I think the point here is, people like to do crazy things when it's late and no one is watching. Why do I never have my camera with me for these things?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

To sum it up in one word...

To sum up my life since my last blog post in one word:

To sum up my life since my last blog post in bullets (no particular order):
  • Had to tell someone that I never wanted to talk to or see that person ever again
  • Made it a goal to lose weight, I ran every night for about an hour since April
  • Started hanging out with #sdcolleges people more
    • They're awesome
    • Shout outs to all of you. You know who you are.
  • Had a great Sun God, far exceeding expectations
  • Moved into my own apartment
    • Life is beautiful
    • But I don't have a television (and that's okay because I don't have time for it anyway
    • I do have a great Stereo
      • The Stereo has 7.1EX surround. Only useful with a television
    • Met and partied with neighbors
  • Actually lost a lot of weight ~ 30 lbs. I went from a ~34 inch waist to <30
    • Because of that, I've had to buy all new clothing. I like the way I look though, but I fear it's going to be high maintenance.
  • Since I've been going to the gym every night, I've had to blow off a lot of friends.
    • I have few friends now, but the friends I do have are great
  • Went on a "business trip" to Mashpit in San Francisco
  • Came up with a great business plan with Jim Paulos
    • Set that plan into (slow, incremental) motion
    • Learned about business legal structures
    • Learned about trademarks and patents
  • Came up with a good business plan for a small project on my own
    • That plan is being executed at a frightening pace. I have a deadline for August 24th.
  • Learning Python and Django
    • Python is awesome
  • Learned a good deal more about UNIX
  • Learned Flash and ActionScript
  • Got audited by the IRS for FY2004
    • Learned a lot about the IRS, Taxes
    • Corrected 2004 return by adding the right Schedule D
    • Expecting $20 back (as opposed to paying $300)
  • Finished with Java
  • Rode in Jim's Ferrari's (yes, plural)
  • Turned 21
    • Bought alcohol at:
      • Bar (12:01AM) with Scott, who is awesome
        • Showed Scott the La Jolla Secret Onramp
      • Restaurant (Red Robin w/EVDB, 12:01 PM; Jimmy Love's w/family, 8:00 PM)
      • Market (11:50 PM)
    • Had class at 10AM the next day =[
    • Planning to go to Vegas soon
  • Still trying to figure out when I have some time to relax